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Though it is generally understood that “death is a part of life,” the topic still makes many people uncomfortable. Veterinarians that have recently added a pet cremator to their practice will often find themselves asking: Now what?

Customer acquisition can be tricky. Clients do not want to be reminded that their pet will one day pass away, so traditional forms of marketing (i.e. email announcements, signs in the office) can be considered tactless. Instead, American Incinerators recommends the following methods of getting the word out about your new animal cremation service.animal cremation equipment

  • Visit Google My Business ( and register your address. In the services section, be sure to mention pet cremation. Google will mail you a postcard or conduct a phone verification, and eventually your practice will begin showing up when locals search for that term.
  • Request a meeting with other local veterinarians who do not offer cremation services. Arrive prepared to discuss a referral fee and arrange for them to carry pamphlets with information for clients that are dealing with the loss of their pet. As vets themselves, they’ll understand the sensitive nature of the topic and will probably be happy to have a source to turn to when their families are in need.
  • Add a page to your veterinary website dedicated to the loss of pets. Address topics such as end of life care, how to cope with the grief that a family can experience, and the importance of not rushing into another pet purchase before the family is ready. Dedicate an area of your page to cremation services, and give suggestions about what to do with the ashes.
  • Research your competitors. If your nearest competitor is XYZ Animal Clinic, for example, set up a Google Alert for their name. You can opt to receive a daily or weekly email that shows you anywhere they appeared on the internet recently. So whatever your competitor is doing to advertise, you can evaluate and emulate.
  • Sign up for industry newsletters in both the crematory and veterinary fields. Dedicate a little bit of time each week to reading through them and planning for the future of your veterinary cremation services.

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