US Cremation Equipment Attends CANA – July 2018

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During the week of July the 8th, U.S. Cremation Equipment attended the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is considered the largest Expo for the cremation industry in the US. Nathan Blackstock, Brian Gamage and Luis Llorens were present during the event.

In addition, the cremation statistics for the previous year were presented and it was interesting to hear that our state (Florida) reached a 64.9% cremation rate. The percentage of cremation nation-wide continuous to increase and according to CANA it currently stands at 50.3%. Thanks to everybody who stop by our booth during the show. It was great to see old friends and customers alike.

Nathan Blackstock (L), Luis Llorens, President

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  1. CANA

    Thanks, US Cremation,
    It was great to see all of you at the Convention to help us mark our 100th Convention — how the time flies!
    So you and your clients have the latest in CANA’s Cremation Statistics, we reported last year that the US National Cremation Rate passed 50% in 2016. Our latest report shows that the 2017 Cremation Rate is 51.55% and our new cremation growth rate data shows that we’re in a accelerated growth period right now.
    Florida remains one of the highest cremation states in the US with 66.1% in 2017.
    The latest cremation statistics are always available on our website:
    Look forward to seeing the team at our next event!

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