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Proper handling of the deceased is a delicate operation requiring special health considerations. Specific tools and supplies are required.  Protective gloves, eye shields and masks safeguard morticians from contracting diseases.  Additional accessories such as boot covers, gowns and surgical caps ensure the environment is clean and sanitary.  Body bags are commonly used; however envelopes and disaster pouches are available for those who want to save on procurement costs.
Many mortuaries also provide in-house cremation.  Safety concerns in the crematory are quite different from those in the prep room but are just as crucial.  The crematory operator should invest in a pair of heat reflective/resistant gloves and an aluminized apron.  Some choose to add Kevlar sleeves or an aluminized jacket to their equipment.  An essential item is a face shield to reflect away UV and radiant heat.  The large lightweight shield protects the face and front of the neck while providing the wearer with an unrestricted field of vision.  Some face shields are coated with a mirror surface of pure 24K Gold to reflect the radiant heat away from the user’s face.


Mortuary Refrigerators

The Model US 3B Mortuary Refrigerator is uniquely designed to hold human remains at a standard temperature of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  A convenient temperature indicator is mounted on the flush-fitted, magnetically sealed door.  Three adjustable steel-covered shelves are easily removed to accommodate a mortuary equipment, carts, or caskets.  The door, ceiling, interior and exterior surfaces are fully insulated and constructed of 26-gauge Galvalume/Acrylume. The unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to plug in to any 20 Amp outlet.  Optional features include casters and roller shelves.


Transport and Handling

1. The Model US 700 Hydraulic Loading Table is used to transfer containers and caskets to and from vehicles, storage areas or mortuary refrigeration units.  The scissor style table also allows for safe and easy casket insertion into a cremation chamber.  This rugged unit has a load capacity of 750 pounds with a minimum loading height of 14” and a maximum of 55”.

2. The Model US 1000B Battery-Powered Loading Table facilitates easy transfer with the added benefit of battery-powered operation.  Push button controls on the main handle raise and lower the adjustable platform from a minimum of 22” up to a maximum of 66 ¾”.  Added features include two fixed and two swivel casters and a foot activated safety brake.  The battery is recharged easily using an on-board 110 volt charger.


Crematory Equipment

U.S. Cremation Equipment is committed to producing the world’s most technologically advanced human and animal cremation chambers.  All units include such features as a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Operating System for a completely automatic operation and a “Hot Hearth” that provides for total fluid control.  User friendly and complying with the most stringent environmental and clean-air standards, models such as the “Classic”, “Classic PLUS” and “Classic X-CEL” provide exceptional fuel economy.  No other cremators in their price class can match these models for reliability, safety, quality and performance.  These models along with the company’s US 75/300 and US 15/750 animal cremators all have a UL listing.


Cremated Remains Processing

Three options for processing cremated remains include the Model US 30P Cremated Remains Processor, Model US 300PS Processing Station and Model US 3000PPC Processing and Packaging Center.  Each has unique features as discussed below:

1. Model US 30P – Compact, lightweight and durable, this cremated remains processor is designed to easily fit on a table or counter top.

2. Model US 300PS – A ventless exhaust system with standard replacement filters captures air-borne dust and creates a safe work environment during processing.

3. Model US 3000PPC – Components for sorting, processing, transfer and packaging are housed together in a stainless steel cabinet with a ventless exhaust system, allowing the operator to complete all post-cremation operations at a single location.

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