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Assistance and Beyond – Crematory Equipment Repairs and Support

At U.S. Cremation Equipment, our goal is to provide you with crematory products that are second-to-none.

Yet, we view as equally important our efforts to assist you throughout – and beyond – your experience with us. Here are just some of the service offerings that, according to our customers, set us apart.

  • Assistance in cutting through the red tape – permitting, crematory licensing, inspections and other regulations
  • Direct, 24/7 access to high-level personnel – with encouragement to call for any question
  • Technicians at your site a minimum of three days during an installation, to assure that all is functioning properly and your staff is fully trained under actual operating conditions
  • A detailed list of steps at crematory product installation, such as:
    • Slow-curing the lining of the high-temperature refractory for extended life
    • Adjusting and testing every system
    • Performing a few cremations to fine tune the unit and provide experiential training
  • Every service call treated as an emergency, even a relatively small matter
  • When appropriate, diagnosis of problems by phone, guiding the customer through steps to correct the situation for a fast, reliable fix that eliminates the cost of an on-site service call.