Assistance and Beyond

At US Cremation Equipment, our goal is to provide you with cremation products that are second-to-none!  Yet, we view as equally important, our efforts to assist you throughout the life of your cremation equipment.  Here are just some of the service offerings that, according to our customers, set us apart.

Equipment Installation-Commissioning-Operator Training

US Cremation Equipment provides responsive and experienced guidance through the installation of your new crematory.

. Assistance in cutting through the red-tape – permitting, crematory licensing, inspections and other regulations.

. Direct, 24/7 access to high-level personnel – with encouragement to call with any question.

. Working directly with your contractors to assure a smooth and successful installation.

. Technicians at your site for a minimum of three days during the commissioning, to assure that all is functioning properly and your staff is fully trained under actual operating conditions.

. Slow-curing of the high-temperature refractory lining for extended life.

. Thorough adjustment and testing of every system.

. Performing a few cremations to provide “hands-on” training for your staff.



Equipment Maintenance-Service-Repairs

Once you are operational, US Cremation Equipment offers a team of certified technicians who are highly trained and extremely experienced in servicing every one of our products as well as many other brands on the market.

  • Treating every service call (even relatively simple matters) as though the future of your business depended on its resolution.
  • Service staff located throughout the country to assure prompt, responsive service.
  • When appropriate, diagnosis of problems by phone, guiding the customer through steps to correct the situation for a fast, reliable fix that eliminates the expense of an on-site service call.
  • Expert technical service available for troubleshooting, on-site inspection & repairs, as well as full hearth or chamber replacement services – on all major brands.
  • Our extensive service list includes: supplies, parts, preventive maintenance, major crematory repairs, calibration, exhaust stack replacement, electrical & control work, compliance review and safety equipment installation.
Call Us for a thorough Annual Evaluation
Your crematory equipment is a vital part of your business, so it’s important to have the best team of technicians working with you to assure your cremators are running in top condition. U.S. Cremation Equipment offers a multi-point inspection for your crematory equipment.
Annual Evaluation (AE) includes:
  • Safety Inspection – Review of the crematorium layout, including proper clearance for crematory equipment and stack. Evaluation and recommendations of all ancillary equipment.
  • Electrical – Controllers, timers, and limit switches will be checked.
  • Refractory – All refractory areas are evaluated.
  • Settings – Inspect that all settings for air, fuel, and firing rate are performing according to their original specifications.
  • Documentation – Receive a thorough analysis of work performed, future recommendations, and the condition of the equipment.
  • Full day service – Technician is on-site for the entire day.
Crematory Repair or Rebuild

Contact us for all your crematory repairs to keep your unit running efficiently, safely and in compliance.  US Cremation Equipment has access to the most extensive inventory of components and materials for many crematory makes and models.

Annual Crematory Service
Registering for annual service with U.S. Cremation Equipment is the best way to assure that your cremator setup remains fully operational around the clock. Our certified technicians will schedule a routine visit once a year, to assure compliance and operational needs are being met.