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We spend a lot of time and effort telling others how exceptional our equipment is. So when a long-time customer calls us out of the blue to say our Classic cremator is a great product and our customer service is second to none, we just have to say something about it!

Brady McKinnon owns Magnolia Cremations & Embalming Service in Montgomery, Alabama. He’s been operating our equipment since April 2010 and he attributes his growth in part to the amazing performance of his Classic cremator. Even though he’s always busy, it’s no secret that Brady’s turnaround time is 1-2 days instead of 5 days or more. Some family members are skeptical and ask if they’re really getting the cremated remains of their loved one. So Brady invites them to take a comfortable seat in his beautifully decorated viewing room and see for themselves.

Brady tells about the time a funeral director from a neighboring state dropped in to see his Classic. The man had just purchased a unit from one of our competitors and wanted to compare notes. He was handling 3 cremations per day – one around breakfast time, another at lunch and a third at the dinner hour. Imagine his surprise when he found that Brady typically cremated twice that number in the same amount of time!

He relates an animated conversation with a man who, after speaking with Brady, also became one of our customers. Three years ago, this gentleman was fairly confident he had found the perfect cremator for his business. But Brady told him how easy the Classic was to operate – “it’s like using a microwave, just push the button and let it run!” He expressed appreciation for our 24/7 service and how problems, although rare, are usually diagnosed and solved with a simple phone call. Brady’s guest promptly dismissed several other companies and proceeded with the purchase of a Classic.

Brady invites anyone who’d like to know more about the Classic cremator to contact him. He’ll be happy to give a first-hand account of how U.S. Cremation Equipment guaranteed unsurpassed service before, during and after the sale – and how we continue to make good on that promise.

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