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Pet Cremations for Family Pets

People worldwide love their pets, and the benefits of pet relationships remain a scientific fact. In fact, newspaper stories about pet abuse generate more responses than articles about human violence. According to a recent poll, two-thirds of Americans live with a pet and those pet owners consider their dog or cat a member of the family. According to Hal Herzog, author and Professor of Psychology of at Western Carolina University, the pet products industry calls this phenomenon the “humanization of pets.” In addition, the pet care industry tops $60 billion annually. Pet aftercare – which includes cremation, memorializing, and honoring a family pet after their passing – contributes a significant amount to this annual dollar figure.

Though death is a part of life, the topic of a beloved pet’s death makes many pet owners uncomfortable. The loss of a pet for families, especially those who consider their pet a part of the family, brings up the same emotions experienced in the death of a close personal friend or family member. The same arrangements need to be made, the same questions need to be asked, and the same memories must be preserved.

The Role of the Veterinarian

The family veterinarian is the first place pet owners turn to for advice regarding the impending death of their pet. Many veterinarians have a dedicated page on their website regarding the loss of a pet. A forward-looking vet will be able to navigate the tricky topic of pet loss and the aftercare necessary, they will know how to advise a family coping with such a loss, and the necessity of treating family pets that have passed away with dignity and respect.

A significant area of the veterinary industry now includes pet aftercare, with the number of pet cremations in the US rising dramatically in the past several decades. Pet cremation is an affordable option for pet owners. According to the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that works to advance the standards, ethics, and professionalism of pet cemeteries and crematories worldwide, there are now more than 700 pet aftercare facilities in the United States.

Many people want to take their pets with them if they move and others simply want to spread the ashes in the animal’s favorite place. Cremation allows a pet owner all these options. In addition, they can even have jewelry made from the ashes of a favorite pet, which allows them to keep the pet, and memories close. Several online retailers offer a variety of pet memorabilia, including frames, statues, and ornaments. What seems to be the most important to pet owners is that their pet continues to be treated as family even at the end of the pet’s life.

Purchasing Pet Cremation Equipment

American Incinerators offers pet cremation equipment for veterinarians. We supply the most technologically advanced animal cremation equipment possible with a wide variety of pet cremation supplies and cremation units. American Incinerators units come in various sizes and load capabilities, making them suitable for low or high volume veterinary practices. All of our crematory units boast user-friendly operating systems. The ease of operation allows veterinarians to provide a consistent level of afterlife pet care with the same compassion and high standard provided to the family while the pet was alive. After installation of the pet cremation equipment, onsite training of the veterinary staff by American Incinerators certified technicians is available to assure that the cremator is working properly and that each operator is trained in function and safety.

American Incinerators is dedicated to customer service. Round-the-clock support is available to customers (click here to contact us), and each customer inquiry is given top priority. American Incinerators has satisfied pet crematory clients include animal hospitals, privately owned veterinary clinics, pet cemeteries, research facilities, and humane societies worldwide.

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