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We tell our customers that helpful feedback is a vital component in our success and we look forward to their insightful comments. Today, one of our customers accepted that invitation.

Mark Gorham (Pet Rest Cremation Services, Pflugerville, TX) called to give a “shout out and kudos” to the service team. Mark called our office after closing time yesterday with a service issue but could only reach our recorded message. Mark didn’t need to wait for an emergency service number. A longtime customer with two of our machines, he already had the cell numbers of our technicians and promptly called both of them. Shortly thereafter, he was surprised to get a response from Dan as well as Randy! Each of them listened carefully and offered the same solution – a fix that handled his problem on the spot.

Mark was so impressed by the speedy after hours follow-up that he remarked, “That’s the kind of service that everyone wants but no one can really find, except with your company.” He thanked one and all for being so friendly and easily accessible and finished by saying that he loves doing business with us.

Granted, it’s gratifying to receive praise for a job well done. We work hard to make sure our customers are pleased with our products and service as well as the care and courtesy we extend. But every now and then our feedback comes in the form of criticism rather than commendation. When there’s a problem we’ll take care of it! We are delighted when we change a customer’s frustration into satisfaction for a job well done. Customer service is our top priority.

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