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No matter what the day brings, Mark Gorham is confident he has the equipment to handle it. Gorham, President and CEO of Pet Rest Cremation Services in suburban Austin, never knows just what to expect as he begins his workday. Sometimes, the majority of his workload is individual cremations while other times the demand is for large-volume batch burns. His recent addition of the X-CEL animal cremator model from U.S. Cremation Equipment ensures that he has the flexibility to handle all needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

My previous batch burner, from another manufacturer, did only half of what they promised,” noted Gorham. “So when the time came to replace it, I did my research and found the X-CEL.” Gorham says it not only does everything promised, it also does things other equipment can’t. The features of the X-CEL deliver versatility by switching resourcefully between individual and large batch cycles. He appreciates that the model does it with a shorter cycle, a faster burn rate and a reduced fuel usage.

Has this new technology created a long learning curve? “The X-CEL is extremely user-friendly. I easily program and change settings on the simple touch screen – and I’m no young techie,” jokes Gorham. A team from U.S. Cremation Equipment was on site to get everything up and running and to ensure that the team at Pet Rest was comfortable with the operation.

The functionality and features of the X-CEL are just part of Gorham’s satisfaction. The other, he says, is the terrific customer service. “Everyone at U.S. Cremation Equipment has been great to work with. Every one of them,” he says. “They were able to make modifications to the machine to accommodate our specific requirements and have always come through on everything we need. I called once at midnight with a quick question and they answered immediately, even at that hour.

For Gorham, his investment in the X-CEL has been a smart one. “The machine’s versatility and the volume it can handle will let me recoup my investment pretty quickly. It is the right tool for the job and I can make money while being compliant with the state.

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