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Brazil – Crematory Equipment and Supplies

The traditions and beliefs associated with cremation vary from culture to culture. This is especially true in Brazil, where climate, economic class, family traditions, and religion all have a role in bereavement.

About Brazil’s Death Care Rituals:

  • In Brazil there are approximately 7 days of mourning. During this time, the immediate family of the bereaved is watched over by far-removed relatives who are there to watch over the grief-stricken.
  • If there is to be an open-casket viewing, it occurs within 24 hours after the deceased has passed. This is a tradition that began centuries ago, due to the extreme heat in Brazil.
  • Burial or cremation follow the viewing almost immediately.
  • Christianity is at the core of Brazil’s religious beliefs, and cremation has become increasingly common in correlation with Christian acceptance of the practice.
  • As major Brazilian cities have increased in population, burial space has decreased. This has led to an increase in cremations as well, since upper and middle class families in Brazil are more likely to request that remains stay near their loved ones.
  • In 2010, there were 32 crematoria in Brazil. In 2014, SINCEP reports more than 40. This includes animal crematoria, which are also becoming increasingly common.

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